(Important Update Info, Please Read!)

Howdy! Long time, no see, I'm sorry! I have taken the liberty of uploading all of Chapter 13.5! It features some incredible voicework from the cast- please check it out.
Anyway, I'd like to put up here that the comic will (obviously) not be updating in the same piecemeal way its been coming up. Chapter 14 is almost done as of today, but I may decide to finish it later. The reason is that in a few months, some personal stuff is going to be coming up, and my time is going to be divided a bit too much for me to reliably know if I'm going to be able to move forward at a satisfying rate with the story. I am going to spend the interim time doing penciling, so it's likely I'll have a lot of this comic roughed out (my goal is to pencil Chapter 17 by April!). The Dandelion Patch is not well suited to a short update at a time story, and works- I think- better when uploaded in large pieces. Overall I may be making some small changes to past Chapters as touch ups. It was never my intention to suggest what is out now is a finished work, and is really more of a public work in progress I keep up in order to keep myself accountable for its construction. I will try to update the site with updates on what I am working on, any work in progress I'd like to show off, and anything else I can think of!

Too Long? Didn't Read? I am not going to be updating any time soon, but the comic is NOT on hiatus. It is actively being worked on RIGHT NOW! Feel free to check through what's up so far, and ask any questions you have about the comic on my twitter which I glance over here and again! @bigwaifustudios

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I'm always dying to know what you all think (or if you found a spelling error!), so send me an email!